Fans Censure D’banj Lyrics, Says His Lyrics Suffer Massive Recession

Fans censure Dapo Oyebanjo, popularly known as D’banj lyrics, says his lyrics indeed suffer recession. Not Quite long that Dbanj come under fire from his fans who attacked him saying his lyrics are suffering from massive recession. Despite D’banj’s struggle to give his fans ‘back to back’ enjoyment with his new songs, the singer seems to be finding it hard to please them.

D’banj who recently dropped his latest single “It’s Not A Lie” accompanied with a video, earlier today revealed to his fans about his soon to be released single “Be With You” which is still a work in progress.

This follows the massive disappointment that greeted his much anticipated ‘It’s not a lie’ single with a comedian also describing the song as a ‘nursery rhyme’.

And, although some of his fans continue to hail him as King, other disappointed ones keep asking him what happened to the good music he was known for.

“Bro you no they give us steadily as in those days oo… I can’t remember when last I gbadun your latest track unlike those days when every single na hit… But y, lyrics recession catch you?,” the fan asked Dbanj.

D’banj angrily disabled all comments on the post and he clapped back at the fan asking why the fan had brain depression. Lol

In 2008, D’banj dropped one of his best albums titled ‘the entertainer’ but he has not been able to reproduce that stellar form till date.

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